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Do you need construction equipment?

You don't have to buy the construction equipment you need right away! Rent it in BBS Poland. We have our own construction equipment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


Rental of construction equipment

We have an extensive machine park equipped with devices and heavy equipment necessary for professional performance of all construction and building works:

BBS POLSKA has its own construction equipment. We encourage you to take a look at our offer. The rented equipment has all necessary documents allowing it to operate, including current technical inspections and tests of the Office of Technical Inspection.

We provide rental of construction equipment with an operator. Each of the operators has current occupational health and safety tests, medical examinations and proper eligibility to checking the costruction work. Equipment rental prices are negotiable.

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Our Machine Park

Mobile crane services

We provide services with a Liebherr 35 tonne mobile crane. The crane is equipped with an additional bracket, which increases the range of work to 45 metres. The off-road machine with two torsion axles provides access in difficult off-road conditions. Side reach of the machine is up to 40 meters and the load capacity up to 500 kilograms.

Mobile swing loader services

Swing loader by DIECI with additional overhang provides equipment working range up to 25 metres. The lifting capacity of the machine is up to 4.5 tons. Mobile, off-road machine with the possibility of rotation around its own axis. This type of machine is ideal for construction sites where a mobile crane cannot get in. The swing loader function is the ideal alternative to a crane.

Scissor lift - internal combustion or electric

Fleet of equipment of BBS POLSKA company has in its resources functional GENIE 5539RT internal combustion scissor lift. The machine is characterized by the ability to work at a working height of 20 metres above ground level. Functional balcony provides a range of work at a height of up to 7 metres! For customers looking for an electric scissor lift, we have a JLG machine with a working height of 12 metres.The electric lift is an ideal solution for working inside buildings.

Combustion-engine driven articulated boom lifts

We have HAULOTTE, GENIE lifts with working reach of up to 18 metres. Working load of the transport basket is up to 235 kilograms. The work basket can be rotated up to 270 degrees.

Years of experience

During this time, we managed to get to know the market inside out and we can confidently call ourselves experts

Over 20 years of reliable and conscientious work has made us build our position and become a recognized brand in the industry from year to year. For several years we have been recording a period of dynamic development, Investors come back to us after many years, which is the best showcase of the company and motivation to work even harder BBS Polska in numbers:

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Thanks to our commitment and cooperation, we achieve exceptional results.


We currently employ over 30 highly qualified workers.

Satisfied customers

References received from our customers confirm the high quality of our services.

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The area of the facility does not matter to us, we undertake any implementation, today 100 m2, tomorrow several thousand...

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